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Site Organisation

Site Plan

Site Plan

The Sensory Garden is a space designed to appeal to the five senses and create a serene setting in the middle of a concrete jungle in Chinatown. Located in Kreta Ayer Square, the geometric form of the pathways and canopies take inspiration from the moon gate at the Chinatown Complex. Meandering pathways are inserted into the urban space to offer elements of a traditional Chinese garden in the sense of framing views.

Key ideas include redesigning the existing visitor’s centre along with the shelter where large groups of elderly come to play chess. The intent is to design a space that enhances the playing experience and encourage greater social interaction among the elderly. Integration of digital elements such as streaming provide for a larger viewing audience and empowers the elderly through design and participation.



The design approach follows an order of layering from the ground up, with the pathways followed by urban furniture, canopies and finally the provision of trees for additional shade and green.

Phenomenology in Architecture

The use of the phenomenology of architecture is paramount in the design as the intent is to create a space that is comfortable and appealing to the elderly and people of all ages. The use of canopies is crucial in providing for shading and weather protection.

An important part of an urban intervention is the consideration for a night scene as well. The sensory garden aims not only to engage the public in the day but to serve as a point of attraction through the night by providing spaces for pop up stalls that create a vibrant night market in the heart of Chinatown.

User Experience

The following series of perspectives exhibit the series of programs that anchor the sensory garden in Kreta Ayer Square.

Peep through moongate

A space for food kiosks to forge a connection to the Chinatown Complex, encouraging people to populate the in between spaces to add to the vibrancy of the square

Chess Centre

A redesigned chess pavilion integrated with digital amenities to encourage a larger viewing audience and providing comfort and proximity to nature as they play and engage in social activities.

Tea House

A teahouse to provide a serene setting with a view to the pond for the elderly the unwind over a cup of tea. The public can also learn about their tea through a digital tea master that can be accessed through QR codes in the teahouse.


An E-resource centre adjacent to the HDB block provides a one-stop centre for the elderly to address any digital related queries. It serves as a satellite centre to the SSLC which is located in the Majestic.

User Experience

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