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I designed an urban square to build a community to engage the elderly in meaningful activities.

The existing OG square is located right behind The Majestic. The elderly that hang around OG square do not actually stay in Chinatown, but rather treat it as a meeting spot. There is a lack of amenities for the elderly to engage in, and thus they idle away. This is in comparison to the elderly at old man square who are actively engaged in activities, be it playing/watching chess games or reading papers. The square is surrounded by eating and shopping areas but is lacking a PLAY space.

The ENGAGING VILLAGE takes reference from the void deck, a common play space frequented by the elderly in older estates. Prolonging the circulation path with programs inserted along the way increases the opportunity for chance encounters.

Green spaces are placed at access points based on current circulation, adjacent to activity zones allow the users to rest when necessary. Fitness zones are placed next to the green zones, and resultant circulation is for flexible programs.

Kit of parts is then combined to form programs in the square. Flexible space is then covered with an urban canopy for weather protection.

Engaging Village

Scale Model

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