Shared Opportunisms

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Sustainable Design Option Studio 1/3


Ng San Son

Student(s) Involved

Chan Jiahui
Neo Sze Min
Melissa Mak Li Ping
Joey Tan
Cheong Chi Yan
Marianne Ching
Jeremy Chang Chee Kin
Samantha Lim Shou En
Wang Xiaotong
Zhou Peizhang
Hendriko Teguh
Chau Wai Man
Lim Hui Yee
Tan Jing Ren
Caleb Ng

About The Project

The notions, purpose and characteristics of the civic realm are shifting. Civic buildings can no longer perform its singular dedicated function but must act as an open system to embody the multiple functions, identities and needs of the community while continuously shifting and dynamically adapting to serve the users. They act as an open system of exchanges to form the wider network connecting the functions of the neighbourhood and the city with constant opportunities for production and recreation through sharing and connecting, as opposed to being a singular container and being.

Coupled with global depletion of resources and growing population needs, sharing economies, enabled by technologies and social networks have also surfaced. The shift in value framework, where value is now created by users – sharing underused assets or human resource as part of a larger online network – instead of just the product, changes the way cities are perceived and run. This even enables greater interpersonal connections, interactions and a sense of community and social inclusion. Resources being shared include physical goods, spaces & civic assets and nonphysical services, skills and knowledge.

The process is split into two parts.

Part I: Mapping ebbs and flows of Communities, Resources and Information exchanges, the studio seeks to interrogate a sample neighbourhood with its civic/community buildings and their existing functions to intensify resource sharing and shared opportunisms.

Part II: Identify a related site within the neighbourhood study (a civic building or a civic space), interrogate the relationship for intensification and optimisation potential. Investigate the assemblage of supplementary programmes and networks adjacent to the chosen site for a typological investigation into new spatial formats for the civic commons – the Intensified commons.

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