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Shaping CBD Future II by Giannina Sedler and Han Xianhe

Bird-eye Perspective:

Bird-eye Perspective

During this term we developed the idea of the future of work in CBD.

We started by analysing a timber precedent, how its structure works, what the different components are and how it could potentially be assembled and disassembled.

After, we took the joinery system studied and started to develop it further to meet our needs. We focused on developing a joinery system that was permeable to the outside but could potentially be closed or less permeable in desired areas, it could play with the enclosure materials and so be more transparent and opaque.


We chose to then develop a façade system in the shape of a dome. The dome would then host inside all the different activities we were to design.

As we decided to use a public park for our project, we had to make sure to include existing trees on the dome, to do so, we made sure to build high enough, and in the cases where trees were still higher than the structure, we opened some of the closing elements of the façade to allow the trees to “pop out”.

Site Location:

Site Location

In the final project, we designed a dome with a modular building system inside of it. This allowed not only and easy assembly/disassembly and an easier construction system as all element could be standardized, but allow different work environments to be created, what was our mail goal regarding the future of work itself. This is due to the fact that we believe that the current normal office type will no longer exist, at least not as we know it now. In the future, several different work environments will be provided and each individual will be able to choose what environment fits him/her better.

We also included cyclists and pedestrians into our project as after doing research we found that the street is very concurred by these groups.

Cycling and Running Route Maps

In order to combine our joinery system with the dome shape a code was developed in Grasshopper that allowed for the joinery system to be replicated throughout the dome shape without losing its shape. The materials chosen for the façade are timber and steel. These allow the structure to be strong enough but still light, in addition, the steel joints are able to be pre-fabricated.

Joinery detail:

Joinery Detail

Joinery Detail

Joinery Detail

Joinery Detail

Joinery Detail

Digital Generation:

Digital Generation

Digital Generation

Joinery Detail:

Inside of the large dome, several buildings can be found. The underground levels and level 1 are designated for commercial purposes, levels 2 to 6 host different working environments, meeting areas and workshop spaces.

Joinery Detail

The largo dome allows a comfortable environment which is still somehow in contact to nature but is still enclosed. Its natural shape, with large openings in the south façade and smaller ones in the north allow for natural ventilation to enter the building.





Perspective 1:

Perspective 1

Perspective 2:

Perspective 2

Perspective 3:

Perspective 3

Perspective 4:

Perspective 4

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