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By Yu Bing and Cheng Wee

Comparison of the various floorplans for ROHM theatre Kyoto before and after renovation in 2015/2016. Previously know as Kyoto Kaikan, it was renamed as ROHM theatre Kyoto as acknowledgement to the 5.25 billion yen ROHM provided for the refurbishment of the building.

The original building has 2 theatre halls, 2005 and 946 seats respectively, and a conference hall with a max capacity of 390 people.

The renovated building has 3 halls: Main Hall (2005 seats), South Hall (716 seats), North Hall (200 seats) and a Park plaza, a new multi-use facility which includes a restaurant and café that provides spaces for rest and relaxation as well as the Music Salon, a permanent fixture that allows visitors to interact with music in its various forms.


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