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Project Title


Project Duration

17 May 2021 – 30 June 2021

Project Team Members

Ang Yang Zhi Julius (ASD)
Chung Zhi Xue (ASD)
Fera Tandiawan (ASD)
Tan Eng Khang (ASD)
Chia Hou-An (EPD)
Poh Wen Bin (EPD)
Sean Ang (EPD)
Chua Ming Yuan (Freshmore)

Project Info

In conjunction with the efforts from MCCY and NYC for this Somerset Belt Proposal, RE:Paper seeks to explores the architecture that embodies the character and identity of the Somerset Youth Park. The theme of the collective exhibitions is to engage with the public through interactive installation designs which stem from contemporary waste material, in our case which is the paper tubes.

There are a total of 8 installations which will be displayed with a common theme of Social Engagement. In totality, the collective exhibition establishes an immersive experience as the user transitions into the exhibition zone. The arrangement of the exhibitions reflects the layout of an archipelago which injects a sense of adventure as the users embark on their journey.

Materiality plays an essential part in developing the design of the installation. In this case, the intention is to bring forth the nuances of paper tubes as the users interact with the installation. The idea of re-using waste materials also seeks to promote the idea of sustainability. By capitalizing on the strong structural integrity of the paper tubes, we took the opportunity to reuse the paper tubes as the main building material for the installations.

Project Gallery