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Project Info

This project aims to explore ways to reframe existing social norms and knowledge of how items should be discarded and disposed of, so as to establish a deeper understanding and awareness of the recycling processes and eventually minimizing the waste produced.

This project seeks to devise a proposal that addresses waste management issues in hope to move a step closer to a sustainable living city through researching on existing measures taken to tackle the issue from both the government and individuals. This project focuses on increasing the awareness through providing physical platforms for educational activities to take place while concurrently involving the community in a fun and enriching learning processes of appropriate recycling methods and reducing wastage of materials. .

Faculty/Student Names

  • Prof. Chong Keng Hua
  • Jung Hye Wook
  • Koh Jing Lin
  • Pang Xin Hua
  • Ng Zuda
  • Bianca Gill

Project Duration

January 2016 – October 2016

Project Gallery