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Option Studio: Above, Under and Beyond
Instructor: Khairudin Saharom

Nusantara is a heritage hub that seeks to weave the historicities of Sungei Serangoon with the art of modernisation. The interweaving between these two genius loci is celebrated in the form of temporal relationship. The temporal relationship is established in a form of dialogue between the notion of Impermanence and Permanence.

The articulation of Permanence is orchestrated as a continuous journey. The journey is a linear circulation that aims to encapsulate other forms of heritage, including agriculture, aquaculture, arts, crafts, and traditions. This journey is further enriched by the contextual elements such as the existing flyover, the river, and the adjacent hubs, which then complete the heritage narrative.

As the journey unfolds, flexibility usage illustrates the element of impermanence. Flexible spaces are impacted by varying seasons of needs and demands from users, allowing the space to be converted into an exhibition or gallery as well as a working area. Moreover, the interplay of textures or materiality accentuates the continuity of this heritage journey.

The journey offers the opportunity to experience the different amalgamations of various temporal activities happening along the circulation. Lastly, the architectural vehicle that accentuates the duality of impermanence and permanence is the interaction between solids and open. To take advantage of the views, solid spaces are pushed to both ends of the building and the open spaces are then adapted for time-based events, festivals, or temporary exhibitions. To conclude, Nusantara democratizes the user experience, enabling social liberation to be incorporated into the spaces over time. Ultimately, Nusantara aims to stand the test of time.

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