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Based on our heritage mapping exercise from the first half of the term, we begin our project with the understanding that TPRS is the most tangible remnant of Singapore’s industrial heritage that is the product of the alignment of many actors, of which the human effort indispensable at every point, TPRS is then a point of concentration of histories and stories.

Projecting that in 2050 Cantonment MRT will be set abuzz with activity as a commuting connection, we wish to disrupt an otherwise fast and linear movement to bid visitors into the folds of TPRS’ history.

Expected urban circulation


We contort an otherwise straight ribbon using two different strategies at two different locations of TPRS according to the kind of artefacts and spatial experience experience that we seek to facilitate.

Strategy 1 – looping about itself to create bubbles of enclosure

Strategy 2 – turning, expanding and lifting

In the main hall, the ribbon loops about itself to create bubbles of enclosed spaces that ultimately lead visitors on a path of relating personally with the collective stories of TPRS, as recounted in the past and in the future ‘present’. At front green, the same ribbon meanders about, then turns, expands, and lifts where it ‘meets’ the artefacts to create sheltering spaces to facilitate contact between the artefacts and visitors.

These 2 strategies work in unity to bring about 2 different ways of memorialising TPRS’ history.

Axon of the interior pavilion

Axon of the exterior pavilion

Model Photos

View of the exterior pavilion from Cantonment

View of the exterior pavilion from Greater Southern Waterfront

Overview of the inner pavilion

Close-up of the inner pavilion

Artefacts and Zoning

Overall plan of the exterior pavilion

Close-up of the first corner of the exterior pavilion

Close-up of the second corner of the exterior pavilion

Close-up of the third corner of the exterior pavilion

Interior pavilion zoning

Interior pavilion zoning

Video Fly Through

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