Group 2_Off-Track: A trail through the lost memories of TPRS

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Megan Riri Moktar | Michelle Wijaya | Sruti Niranjan | Kwan Wai Hin

Off-Track: A trail through the lost memories of TPRS

The purpose of the museum is to recapture lost time, and retrieve the lost memories of TPRS through series of sensory experiences. Stories of Train rides in the past will be shown through photographs, audio clips, textures and scents from the old TPRS Station

The description of the artifacts can be seen from the second slide, and the subsequent slides show the floor plans, sections, and elevations of the project in greater detail. The renders convey the materiality and ambience that we wish to achieve should the project be realised.

As the main circulation is curated to be at the right side from the front of the portico, our team decides that the right side will be the main “Audience” side, whereas the left side, where the internal pavilion is embedding onto, will be the main “Stage” side of the main hall.

In terms of design and fabrication, we envision a new age of construction where different techniques of construction serve as solutions not only on the structural but also experiential aspects. This explains our attempt to curate differentiated atmosphere through different scales and opacity of the materials. Moreover, we see the pavilions as a contrasting new addition that embed themselves within the monument at designated contact points.

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