Gradshow 4: Makerspace

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About The Show

The makerspace is a unique embodiment of the space that is produced when SUTD students collaborate to create and design. Our students are given the opportunity to work with and explore a multitude of mediums and software. The education we undergo forms the backbone of our skillset, equipping us with an array of tools. However, this skeleton does not define who we are as individuals, but rather it guides us into discovering our passions and allows us the freedom to pursue our interests using a combination of the skills taught to us.

This Graduation Show hopes to push past the stereotype of ordinary exhibitions. It tries to head in a direction that digs deeper into the intricacies of each project and the processes it takes to achieve the final result. Thus, the main exhibition space displays the range of processes that our architecture students go through before reaching their final product. There are three main mediums for which these processes are displayed on, paper, video and through our models. Through these three mediums, the various skills are displayed; i.e. writing, sketching, representation, model building, design computation and digital fabrication.

More Information

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