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The Galleria Borghese situated in Rome housed many works of famous sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini and painter Caravaggio. The studio aims to design an additional gallery spaces to accommodate the pieces of the Borghese collection that are residing at the Louvre in Paris. In addition, facilities should also be designed to provide a more pleasant experience for the visually impaired.

FORARE takes the form of an endless fluid flow of triangles creating exciting beautiful spaces for exhibition with every peak and trough.

In addition, alterations were made to the entrance and exit of the museum, using modern materials and structures to turn the traditional gallery into a open, contemporary exhibition space.

water feature surrounding the gallery, using the element of hearing to enhance the experience for the visually impaired

night view

piano seminterrato

piano terra

section cut

section perspective

1:500 scale model

design brainstorming | spatial construct

design brainstorming | spatial construct

3D CAD of Bernini’s Blessed Ludovica Albertoni

Galleria Borghese analysis

Galleria Borghese analysis


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