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by Wan_Mengcheng

The location of the chosen end-block site between a long stretch of conserved shophouses offers opportunities for rejuvenation and renewal. Results from the programmed space study has shown that most shops along Joo Chiat Road provide eateries and lifestyle shops. There is no programme similar to the proposed. It will be beneficial to the nearby residents and visitors to have a stop to exercise or to just relax before and after work, and simply take their mind off their busy day schedule. Office ladies can have a quick glam-up before important meetings.

This project recognizes that the gym is a more energetic or even “aggressive” space-while the beauty center is a more calming and “luxurious” space. Due to the contrasting nature of both spaces, design elements will be incorporated to help distinguish and emphasize the contrasting functions and ambience of different functionality from the interior, to provide optimal user experience and to make the space welcoming to all. A communal lounge encourages fortuitous interactions.

The chosen site is a corner unit, this gives the space the natural advantage to bring in sunlight from three out of four of its facades. Design of the space encourages interaction while maintaining privacy for certain users. Circulation of the space is guided by columns and temporary fixtures, minimizing the need for physical partition walls, allowing the space to enable more transient use and visually widening up the narrow interior.

The aim of this project is to create a new locale in the neighborhood, attracting businesses to the less clustered area along Joo Chiat road.

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