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The R.I.C.E. laboratory is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. While Vietnam is considered as one of the world’s leading countries in rice production, most of the agricultural production is not done in Hanoi itself. Being the capital city, it would be fitting for Hanoi to have a significant contribution in rice agriculture to its country, but as it is densely urbanised, the next best contribution would be in terms of a research laboratory and educational centre.

The aim is to provide a platform to empower the scientists in Hanoi to make an impact on hybrid rice cultivation, while showcasing to the public its history of rice in Vietnam through the ages in a museum.

View from above


South elevation

West elevation

South elevation

East elevation

This approach is different from the norm as it introduces a contemporary industrial type of work into a local street setting. Moreover, the act of exposing of the laboratory spaces to the general public – who enters the building as museum-goers – is not often done, and this project hopes to create a unique, different type of unspoken interaction between these two groups of researchers and curious visitors.

Detail of protrusion

Detail of lab and museum

Detail of fire exit stairs

Detail of fire exit steps

Detail of library space


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