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Penang 2030 is a vision by the government, to create a family-focused green and smart state that inspires the nation. One of the main goals highlighted in the extensive plan includes empowering people to strengthen civic participation. This initiative promotes the involvement of youth in leadership and empowerment programs and embedding volunteerism programmes in society.In this project I will be designing a youth centre for youths of different backgrounds within the heart of Georgetown.


Located in the heart of George Town, Penang, Engage! is a youth activity centre that promotes learning, collaboration and community engagement. An enlarged expanded corner shophouse unit explores the potential of a sunken faceted massing that invites pedestrians into the space. The interior spaces are configured to promote collaborative learning and encourage youth to engage and participate in community projects. A faceted translucent facade emphasises on the visual connection between the interior and exterior of the building. The vertical hierarchy of the spaces shift from engagement on the ground level to learning and understanding on the upper levels. Double height spaces in the interior opens up views within various collaborative spaces.

Site Plan





Entering into the exhibition space, visitors are struck with a sense of warmth and delight as they encounter the myriad of exhibition panels before them. The brightly lit space encapsulates the youthful energy of the projects and installations on display. Moving through the space, the chatter, combined with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans from the cafe, would draw one closer to be a part of the dialogue and engage with visitors of different backgrounds.

Extended open staircases that circulate around the upper levels of the center spark one’s curiosity to learn and engage. Warm tones of the exposed wood elements juxtaposed with pastel accents bring a sense of warmth while retaining a youthful/childlike element in these spaces. Seating areas are scattered throughout collaboration spaces with remnants of brainstorming activities on the walls. Screens used to shade interior spaces create dynamic shadows on the walls, reminiscent of shadow play from their childhood. As the sun sets over the neighborhood, open terraces on the roof level become an ideal spot for young adults to unwind with their friends and form new connections



  • Considerations of more local architectural elements in the building
  • Further development of the integration of outdoor spaces in the program of the youth centre


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