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Option Studio: Above, Under and Beyond
Instructor: Khairudin Saharom

Urban Vista

Urban Vista – Continuous axis from the bomb location to the initiator of Konfrontasi, Indonesia

De Cave is an amalgamation of indoor and semi-outdoor recreational programmes located under the Tanjung Rhu flyover, right in front of Katong Park. The proposed space interweaves the dichotomous historical value of the site which seek to retrieve and strengthen the lost identity of Tanjung Rhu and Fort Road. The introspective nature of the site is enhanced through the form articulation that creates intriguing moments.



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Parti Diagram

Parti Diagram (Form articulation) – Translation of 2D concept diagram to Conceptual section diagram

The conceptual section diagram is derived from the 2D concept diagram through the metaphor of “revealing the diminished memories” containing both destructive and constructive moments.

De Cave seeks people to recognize and appreciate the genius loci of the site, followed by participating in constructing new memories that further enhance the genuine identity of the site. It is articulated through the approach of digging and spilling out the hidden identity of the site and finally interweaves the three significant historical moments. They are Konfrontasi, Katong park, and Fort Road Beach. (Shown in the historical timeline)

Parti Diagram

Parti Diagram (Interweaving the lost identities) – Through the derivation of the site boundary, programmes and spatial planning

The recreational programmes are contained within the site boundary that is derived from the line intersection of the bomb locations during Konfrontasi. In addition, an urban vista sliced through the site directing a continuous axis from the bomb location to the initiator of Konfrontasi, which is Indonesia.

Exploded Isometric View

Exploded Isometric View

Above, the indoor gym and spa serve as a hangout space for the gay community, while the emerging form of the undulations creates a series of intriguing nooks that complement the semi-outdoor playground and tai-chi area below.

Section AA'

Section AA’ – Emerging from the flyover: Indoor gym and spa | Carving into the ground: Semi-outdoor playground and Tai-chi space

Perspective Views

Perspective Views

Physical model

This intervention re-introduces and embraces the eventful memories of the past through the journey of digging (hidden identity of the site), spill out and interweave (historical fluctuating moments), be true to the genius loci of the site (give equal importance to different communities in the society), and finally to recognize, appreciate and participate in constructing new memories that further enhance the genius loci of the site.

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