Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Light-Up 2020

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For the ninth consecutive year since 2012, Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee (KAKSCCC) has worked with students from SUTD to design the Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Light-Up 2020. The Street Light-Up will take place from 4 January – 22 February 2020.

Team of 13 (consisting Freshmore, Junior and Alumni students) led by Dr Jason Lim, worked for months on the design concept for the Chinese New Year Chinatown Street Light-Up 2020, which surrounds the 3 themes Success (功成名就), Celebration (欢天喜地) and Family (阖家欢乐).

One of the aims was to design a Street Light-Up that encapsulates Chinese New Year so that even people who are not familiar with Chinese New Year will know what it is all about. This inspired the students to develop the overall design with a refreshing concept at the same time, staying true to the spirit of Chinese New Year and retain the tradition and culture of this festival. Above the roads are overhanging lanterns featuring gold coins, traditional lanterns and flowers to cover Chinatown in a sea of vibrant colours and represent wealth and the arrival of Spring. There are also Chinese festive greetings hanging above as a mark of well wishes for everyone.

Dr Jason Lim

Student Team:
Cao Sen – 曹森
Grace Wong Xin Jing – 黄心婧
Janelle Janice Ho Jia Min – 何加敏
Jin Ziqi – 金子琪
Kiang Ching – 龚沁
Lim Xin Yan – 林新炎
Ong Wueng Kee – 王韵琪
Phoebe Chew – 周荣琦
Rachel Cheah Jiawen – 谢嘉雯
Thoon Zar Chi Ko – Thoon
Valent Tan Wei Ren – 陈伟仁
Yeo Kai Lin – 杨凯琳
Wang Xiao Tong – 王晓彤

Photo credits:
Lee Jia Wen (MCI), Ong Wueng Kee, Janelle Ho, Pheobe Chew