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Grace Sim (1003149) & Wesley Koh (1002799)

Over the years, healthcare typologies have evolved. In the ancient days, hospitals are viewed as charitable organizations and civic symbol, and gradually progressed into pavilion types whereby for fresh air and good healing environments. Later, with advancements in technology, hospitals becomes medical institution where machineries like x-rays can be found, and continue evolving into mega hospitals as they increasingly become a centralized hub for medical attention. Today’s modern hospitals are large and takes up a large footprint.

Healthcare spaces experiences high levels of fluctuations monthly, daily and hourly. Many healthcare facilities are getting bigger to accommodate fluctuating demand, and occupancy of the spaces are not optimized.

Our team adopts a design angle that healthcare facilities can be classified into 2 types: 1) core spaces and 2) flexible spaces. The core spaces (1) are spaces that do not change while the flexible spaces (2) are spaces that increase/ decrease due to seasonal/ unforeseen fluctuations of needs.

We are proposing a new hospital typology that include adaptive re-use and retrofitting principles, maintaining the heritage and culture of hospital as a civic symbol, and the functional, livable qualities that allows flexible expansion of the healthcare facility, through permanent and pneumatically deployable spaces.

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