Brani Redux

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Sustainable Design Option Studio 1/3


Philipp R.W. Urech

Student(s) Involved

Si Ting Kwok
Cheska Nodado Daclag
Miao Qian
Charlotte Phang
Clarissa Jin-En Lim
Wueng Kee Ong
Zhi Wei Tan
Anirudh Rathi
Michael Zhi Wei Yeow
Zayar Lin
Althea Chuen Yan Chan
Ian Wen Soon
Chris Chua Rui Xiang
Carla Tjandra

About The Project

The Tanjong Pagar district in Singapore is changing rapidly with the implementation of major infrastructure projects such as the migration of the Tanjong Pagar shipping terminal and the closing loop of the Circle Line. This development will trigger in the near future an expansion of Singapore’s Central Business District towards South. The island of Brani, situated between the major islands of Singapore and Sentosa, will play an essential role in amalgamating urban and green landscapes. Brani’s topography is aligned with the Kent Ridge of Singapore and the Mount Serapong of Sentosa and calls for a landscape design that intertwines with dense urban development. The studio will investigate the functional and aesthetic role of restoring the landscape of Brani in order to shape one of the most prominent waterfronts in Singapore.

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