Bamboo Pavilion @ SUTD

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Project Title

Bamboo Pavilion @ SUTD

Faculty Mentor

Asst. Prof Oliver Heckmann

Team Members

(main) Joshua Tan, Yu Jiaxin, Elizabeth Yang, Russell Goh, Zhu Wentao

(helpers) Hoon Wei Ting, Shawn Low, Jennifer Gautama, Lim Hui Yee, Tan Zhi Wei, Ho Zhi Yuan, Tan Jing Ren, Sally Tan, Ryan Teo Jun Yan, Angelia Lau Kah Mun, Neo Yu Fang

Photo credits

Tan Jing Ren

Project Info

Project write-up by Joshua Tan Seh Kiat

This project was a play on the linear nature of the bamboo. Instead of the traditional orthogonal method of construction, where bamboo poles are connected at right angles, the project focused on how bamboo could take on a more organic form.

The rigid material is freed by linking the materials side by side through a series of shear leashing, forming a pattern that weaves diagonally down. The S-shaped curve provides a further level of complexity to the parallel joints.

The nature of the S-profile stabilizes the otherwise flimsy linear arrangement, providing balance when the structure is subjected to wind loads and horizontal forces. Another series of horizontal elements keep the vertical poles in place, while acting as a platform for people to rest.

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