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SUPER DIVERSITY, Urban Living for All

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The third of Architecture Core Studio series uncover Singapore’s multiple forms of diversity that has inevitably emerged from the island’s connectivity with the wider world. Collectively, the studio aims to unravel the simplified understanding of categories to embrace superdiversity that arise from constantly evolving social and cultural circumstances. The studio imagines new forms of heterogeneity in housing, and extends the complexity of architectural design challenges to the issues of urban ecosystems integration and liveability.

Architecture Core Studio 3


Christine Yogiaman (course lead)
Andrew Lee
Calvin Chua
Chong Keng Hua

Parametric Adaptations

The studio begins with the immersion into an identified collection of housing building types to uncover the urban, social, and environmental context that formulated these formal categories. This knowledge will allow the studios to transcend strict formal classifications of types and interpret changes and adaptation that is necessary in the constantly evolving multiple realities of urban habitation. Each student is tasked to recontextualize his/her chosen precedent into a homogenous site of 3 different proportions.

Homogeneous Sites

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New Urban Grounds

The studio reconceptualize the ground plane in the planning of a 3-dimensional infrastructure to support new forms of super diverse dense urban living. Positioned at the confluence of two Nature Corridors, four adjacent sites are identified to be critical in reinforcing the ecological connection network planned throughout the fabric of the city. We ask each studio to propose a narrative that envision the City as a Social-Ecological system. Leveraging on each studio’s vision of city, the studio are tasked to produce an urban design schematics that articulate the various urban strategies that negotiate between the various mobility, environmental, ecological with human habitation needs.

Overall Site Plan

Student Projects

Urban Tributaries
Localizing Metro Nature
Forest Edge
The Heart of Ghim Moh