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Project Info

ArchiCraft in Archifest 2019 is a series of curated workshops, organised to provide the opportunity for participants to delve into a variety of disciplines in society and their interaction with architecture. In line with the theme of CRAFT, SUTDio (SUTD’s Architecture Society) has curated a range of workshops that allowed participants to experiment with different materials. The workshops that were chosen are: Finding Stories in the City, Pottery Hand-Building and Mason Jar Floral Arrangement.

Finding Stories in the city is a sketching workshop conducted by Lee Xin Li, a local illustrator whose works have been featured in Singapore Art Museum, the URA city Gallery and many more. During this workshop, participants explored the surrounding neighbourhood around URA centre, with the guidance of Xin Li, allowing them to see the city in a different light and adding their own stories into their illustrations.

Pottery Hand-Building, conducted by School of Clay Arts, is a local ceramic studio dedicated to stimulating critical and creative applications of craft and material knowledge. At the workshop, the participants felt and understood first-hand the materiality of clay. Moulding the clay into shape with their bare hands, participants were able to feel and see the wonders of clay hardening into beautiful pottery pieces of their own.

The last workshop was conducted by Fleuriste, a boutique florist who believes in celebrating the everyday. During the workshop, participants learnt properties of different flowers including ways to best complement the different colours and shape. Throughout the workshop, the participants had a first-hand experience choosing the right combination of flowers and arranging them to bring out their best flavour. They also learnt care techniques for flowers.

The workshops are made possible by instructors Xin Li, School of Clay Arts and Fleuriste, as well as organisers Singapore Institute of Architects, Formwerks and SUTD – ASD.

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