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Housing: Next
F. Peter Ortner, Assistant Professor SUTD

How housing will leverage new technologies to address urban challenges of sustainability, resilience, and changing society.

Housing is a verb — an ongoing accommodation of people’s daily lives, the seasons, the growth of families, and the weathering of materials. Shifting demographics, a changing climate and unsustainable waste of materials and energy are challenging our way of life and forcing our homes to evolve. This collection of essays examines how housing will evolve in response to contemporary challenges by examining three key drivers: new ways of living, new mobilities, and new materialities.

Informed by new technologies of mobility, construction and building simulation, Peter Ortner sketches a portrait of future housing capable of affording greater sociability, connectivity and a circular economy of on-going material reuse. Drawing from examples of high-rise high-density housing in Singapore and through-out the world, he proposes strategies for the next generation of architects to lead a broad coalition of stakeholders in the redesign of housing.

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