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People Involved

Christine Yogiaman

Project Info

Designed and built for iLight Marina Bay 2017, Kaleidoscopic Monolith incites curiosity from spectators through light, reflection and form. Contradictory strategies are used to enhance the complex presence of the object. At a distance it is perceived as a single convex form which subtly changes profile from different angles of approach. On closer inspection its rippling surface contains a pattern of concavities. Filled with kaleidoscopic reflections these voids distort, repeat and reorient the context. Light projected from the center of each dimple surrounds the piece in an ambient, glowing pool and illuminates onlookers whose own reflections become part of the spectacle. Radial geometry with multiple symmetries and faceted, reflective surfaces evoke the cylindrical kaleidoscope toys the piece is inspired from. Like the colorful patterns created by the toy, the installation resists a singular meaning and instead provokes participants to discover their own allusions through interactive play.

Kaleidoscopic Monolith instillation is designed in collaboration with Kenneth Tracy, Christine Yogiaman and Suranga Nanayakkara, faculty in SUTD, Singapore. OSRAM Lighting Solutions both contributed to the execution and donation of lighting system, Traxon Dot XL-3 RGB connected via e:cue Butler XT2, that animated the surface of the instillation.

Fabrication Team

Pamela Dychengbeng Chua, Pang Xin Hua, Tay Jing Zhi, Caroline

Lighting Team

Lai Jun Kang, Tenzin Han Wei Chan

Assembly Team

Basil Yap Ji Tsing, Eugene Kosgoron, Ho Zhi Yuan, Tracy Yee Enying, Nur Amalina Bte Md Halim, Sally Tan Jie Ying, Ong Jie Min, Kelly Yeo Jing Er, Kerine Kua.

Project Gallery

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