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In this panel discussion, Asst. Prof Carlos Banon, joined by researcher Anna Toh, and Prof Thomas Schroepfer, joined by research Daniel Wong, share on their research works and what opportunities present in the local architecture scene.

Architectural Intelligence Research (AIR) Lab, led by Asst. Prof Carlos Banon, focuses on research projects spanning from Geometric Exploration for Sustainable Space Making (GESSM), 3D Printing technologies applied to actual building components, Artificial Intelligence in Design Thinking, repurposing materials to develop Affordable Housing prototypes, and modes of design production in which material constraints creatively inform designs through digital technologies.

SUTD’s award-winning Advanced Architecture Laboratory (AAL), led by Professor Thomas Schroepfer, investigates the increasingly complex relationship between design and technology in architecture. Its research and design projects relate to advances in building structure and form, environmental strategies, performance and energy, computer simulation and modeling, digital fabrication, and building processes. AAL’s work has been published and exhibited widely, including at the Venice Biennale 2014 and 2018.

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