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20.213 Building Information Modeling


Aloysius Lian

About The Project

Project group work is integrated with 20.203 Architectural Energy Systems where students develop their BIM model around their design of a mixed used tower as advanced in 20.203. The BIM model automates the documentation process alongside the design workflow of the project, culminating with the production of a full set of tender documentation.

Students Involved

Tan Jee Khang Benedict, Thet Naung Oo @ Chi Jia Cai, Nidhi Hegde, Samson Sim, Wesley

Students Involved

Adler Teo, Kiang Ching, Lee Qian Yi Jeanette, Lim Xin Yan, Lim Ying
Team: ARC. Studios

Students Involved

Abdul Irfan Hadi bin Amir, Ahmad Rashidi bin Razali, Chiew Jia Hui, Grace Wong Xin Jing, Ho Di Xiang Darren
Team: KL 10

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