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ASD collaborated with Sejima and Nishizawa Architecture Atelier, together with Japanese Architect Ms Kazumi Kudo, on a short-term exchange programme of a week in June 2017. Students conducted research on “Inujima Life Botanic Garden” where Ito-San of SANAA (Sejima and Nishizawa Architecture Atelier) facilitated SUTD Inujima project to create landscapes. Ms Kasuyo Sejima came to the island and gave guidance about the island.

The project “Botanical Garden of Inujima Life” is about 4,500 square meters of land centered on glass houses not long ago used in Inujima to revive a garden and botanical garden rooted in Inujima culture and life, with a theme of “pleasure living with plants”, while placing yourself in nature, doing self-sufficiency activities from food to energy. It is a project to think about “new way of life” in the landscape of Inujima. The research contents include:

  1. Making soil for planting toward autumn
  2. Building a flat table tile that originally exists on the island 
  3. Making peoples’ place of residence.


  • 5 June, arrival in Japan
  • 6 June, visit to Kyoto and meet KIT students and Professors
  • 7 June, meet Mr Asami – Architect of Shimaya Stays for lessons on Japanese building methods
  • 8 June, survey in Naoshima & Teshima
  • 9 June, survey in Inujima, introduction to the island
  • 10 June, survey in Inujima and work on the Inujima Botanical Garden
  • 11 June, Inujima meeting with Kasuyo Sejima of SANAA
  • 12 June, Departure form Inujima,
  • 13 June, Return to Singapore

The trip was led by Head of Pillar, Professor Erwin Viray.

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