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This trip is to Japan, visiting Tokyo, Kobe, and Inujima. The primary focus is to give students at SUTD experience of Japan. This itinerary will tour some significant and modern buildings, architectural offices, and visit a range of museums specifically about design and culture. In so doing we aim to learn first-hand about Japanese architectural and design thinking.

We have organised to primarily collaborate with Kazuyo Sejima; in Tokyo we will be visiting their office and using it as an opportunity to see their work and understand their plans for Inujima, specifically the concept of a ‘House for All’ a building which is designed to support multiple interactions between different people as well as being a place to stay for temporary visitors.

We will then be joining Sejima office staff in Inujima for a three-day workshop to help with their project. This will involve surveying abandoned houses which are to be renovated in the future. We will be using the laser scanner to capture data for the upcoming Inujima studio run by Asami Takeshi in the spring term. We will also be helping the local community and understand and enjoy more rural island life



January 16 Wed

  • Arrival in Tokyo (or arrangements can be made to arrive before)
  • Meet hotel check in (5:00 pm) [Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Tamachi]
  • Group Into Dinner (6:30pm) [Tamachi Tai]

January 17 Thur

  • Sou Fujimoto Office Visit (11am-12pm)
  • MORI Building Digital Art Museum (TBC) – Team Labo 2018
  • Fuji TV Headquarters – Kenzo Tange 1997

January 18 Fri

  • SANAA Office Visit (11am-12:30pm)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – Kenzo Tange 1990
  • Yayoi Kusuma Museum (4-6pm) – Kume Sekkei 2018
  • Shinjuku Kabuki Cho Golden Gai Visit

January 19 Sat

  • Meiji Jingu – Chuta Ito 1920
  • Omote Sando Dori – Dior, SANAA; Tods: Toyo Ito; OM Hills, Tado Ando; Prada, Herzog & de Meuron;
  • MuMu, OMA; Comme Des Garcon, Future Systems, LV, Jun Aoki; Jil Sander, John Pawson; The Gyre MDVRV
  • Nezu Museum [¥800] – Kengo Kuma 2009
  • 21_21 Design Sight – Tado Ando 2007
  • Tokyo Midtown – Nikken Sekkei & SOM 2007

January 20 Sun

  • Free time in Tokyo


January 21 Mon

  • Travel to Kobe [Validate JR Passes]
  • Visit Early Tado Ando Buildings
  • Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art – Tado Ando 2002
  • Check in to hotel (approx. 5pm) [Hotel Villa Fontaine Kobe-Sannomiya

January 22 Tue

  • UCC Coffee Museum – 1987
  • Kobe Maritime Museum – 1987
  • Takenaka corporation Tools and Carpentry Museum – Wood Workshop (1:30-4pm)


January 23 Wed

  • Early Travel to Inujima
  • Sejima Workshop

January 24 Thur

  • Sejima Workshop
  • 3D Scanning

January 25 Fri

  • Sejima Workshop Completion
  • Return to Tokyo
  • Check in to hotel (approx. 8pm) [Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Kamata]

January 26 Sat

  • Optional visit to Gallery MA, RCR Arquitectes Exhimbition (11am-12pm)
  • Optional Visit to Buoy New Art Performance Space (2:30-5pm)
  • Return to Singapore

This event is supported by JCCI Singapore Foundation – a charitable channel of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), Singapore.

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