2018 IAP – Japan, Measuring the Unmeasurable

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Data is a ubiquitous part of our daily lives; the actions we do generate data both in ways we are aware such as a paying for something with a credit card, but also in ways that we are unaware such as being recorded on CCTV walking down the street. Whilst data captures the material and actual of human actions it often falls short trying to adequately represent the social and emotional factors in human interaction with others and space.

This project aims to offer an opportunity for students to experience Japanese culture, history and design. With this acting as a catalyst for research, to attempt in a personally derived, but as rigorous fashion as possible, record and generate novel spatial data beyond traditional maps and plans, and enable insight into the social activities which make a place special.

To do this we will be extending the cartographic investigations of Denis Wood; by developing novel mapping and new data sets both as aesthetic products but also narrative tools to explain and understand the activity of a space; to help others value these intangible qualities, and find new data-driven directions to improve urban and architectural configurations. This trip was led by Assistant Professor Sam Joyce.


  • Osaka
    January 9, Arrival in Osaka, Building visit including: Umeda Sky + NEXT 21, Street Observation Session & Dinner at Dōtonbori,
    January 10, Visit Takenaka corporation Tools and Carpentry Museum, workshop at Hyogo Prefectural Museum + Hyogo chapel, Mapping session
  • Kyoto
    January 11, Travel to Kyoto, visit Kyoto Station, Historical visit Nishihogan-ji, Visit Shimaya Stays, meet developers and designers – Mr Lee & Mr Asami, Gion evening observation
    January 12, Office Visit + Yuichi Kodai (sandwich), Historical Visit Araki Shirne, Kou-an glass Teahouse
  • Mapping Session
    January 13, Visit K.I.T., Data, design and mapping workshop
  • Naoshima
    January 14, Travel to Naoshima, Visit Chichu Museum + Benesse house, art house projects Island Observation
    January 15, Teshima Art Museum + Yokoo Tadanori by Yuko Nagayama, Lunch at Shima House Mapping session
  • Inujima
    January 16, Travel Inujima, Seirensho Museum + Art houses by Kasuyo Sejima Island Observation
  • Kyoto
    January 17, Return to Kyoto, K.I.T. Consolidation workshop
    January 18, Presentation/Exhibition in KIT, Evening Dinner
    January 19, Return to Singapore

This event is supported by JCCI Singapore Foundation – a charitable channel of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), Singapore.

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