Overseas Trips

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Sustainable Design Option Studio 1 trip – Remote Ageing Communities

Remote Aging Communities: How to age / live gracefully, and sustainably focused on the inhabitants and visitors to Inujima and how to integrate these aspects together. The trip was closely linked to a 14-week design studio centered on asking about how architecture can support community and engagement specifically on the island of Inujima.

Tensile Configurations Studio Trip (Bali, Indonesia)

Writer: Stella Loo The Tensile Configurations Studio had decided to design and build a pavilion for the SUTD Library. However, since the pavilion we had begun designing was rather unprecedented and unique, we decided

KIT trip: Decoding Data Landscapes

Big-data and Machine learning are slated to change the way that we live, work and play. The analysis of big-data has shown new ways to see the world and demonstrated a powerful capability to influence if applied well.