ASD Core Design Award

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Awarded by

Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar


The annual ASD Core Design Award is granted by the recommendation of the ASD Core Design Award Committee and awarded to one or two students in the ASD Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainable Design Program. The award is given in recognition of significant achievements throughout the ASD Core Design Studio sequence (Term 4-6).

Nature of Award

Certificate and $3,000 (in the case of two recipients, the amount will be split)


Full-time ASD students who have received an ‘A’ in all three core design studios


Committee review of core design studio work by eligible students

Award Committee

ASD Head of Pillar, Associate Head of Pillar, Core Studio Leads

Committee Meetings and Award Announcement


When Awarded


Recipients 2017

  • Caroline

Recipients 2016

  • Rosanne Chong Si Qi
  • Jezamine Chua Zihui

Recipients 2015

  • Clifford Mario Kosasih
  • Ong Li Yen