President*s Design Award 2018 – The Future of Us Pavilion by Prof Thomas Schroepfer

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The Future of Us Pavilion, designed by Professor Thomas Schroepfer, Professor & Director, Advanced Architecture Laboratory and SUTD faculty, researchers and students, received the President*s Design Award (Designs of the Year).

Jury citation: The Future of Us Pavilion is a bold move in the Singapore design landscape. The successful form-finding exercise as a means of determining an intrinsically efficient structural and load-resisting form is commendable. Through the parametric and algorithmic approach, the designers have created a futuristic structure that has pushed the boundaries of design, fabrication and construction methods. The high level of integration between digital technology and building processes allowed for the rapid production of a large number of individual micro-forms that make up the overall structure. The pavilion form also optimises material usage and minimises the embodied carbon footprint. This makes the pavilion a forerunner to many impressive current and future buildings. Such successful utilisation of innovative technologies point the way forward for the industry to adopt similar design and construction methods.

In 2017, the pavilion became a permanent landmark in the Gardens by the Bay. Renamed “The Silver Pavilion”, it plays host to important public festivals and events and has become a valuable public asset that contributes to advancing Singapore community and culture.

The President*s Design Award (P*DA) is Singapore’s highest honour for designers and designs across all disciplines. It recognises the achievements of an extraordinary group of people making a difference to the lives of Singaporeans and the global community through excellent design.

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