First Prize in Singapore VR Hackathon

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Jonathan Ng Ming-En (ASD Junior), Ng Yi Jun (ISTD), Koh Kai Wei (ISTD) and Aravind SK (ISTD), participated in the Singapore VR hackathon over the weekend. Their team won the first prize and will be representing Singapore in August in the Global VR Hackathon in China .

Team Members

Jonathan Ng Ming-En (ASD)
Ng Yi Jun (ISTD)
Koh Kai Wei (ISTD)
Aravind SK (ISTD)

Their Hack

VaRch – Immersive UX for Architecture using VR
VaRch is an immersive tool which allows architects to user test their design hypothesis and make more informed design decisions. Future building users and testers can walk through the immersive 3D model on the GearVR, while their interaction data is collected and sent to a cloud. All the user data is then aggregated, analysed and displayed on the HTC VIVE, where the architects can dynamically interact with and inform his future designs.


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