1609, 2017

PARK (ing) Day 2017

Several car parks around the island will be getting makeovers on Saturday (Sept 16). Instead of cars, they will be hosting interactive art exhibitions as part of PARK Day 2017.


611, 2017

Portraits of a Sustainable World

Portraits of a sustainable world investigates multi-dimensional issues of sustainable design through a variety of lenses and at diverse temporal and spatial scales.

508, 2017

Zaha Hadid and Zaha Hadid Architects

Exhibits will include sketches, photographs and scale models of some of her early works such as the Phaeno Science Centre and the Vitra Fire Station in Germany all the way to major projects such as the Guangzhou Opera House, the Sheikh Zayed Bridge at Abu-Dhabi and the London 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre.


211, 2017

Intimacy in Design: Ling Hao/Chang Yong Ter

At SUTD, Chang Yong-Ter and Ling Hao will discuss their methods of design and research into the lives of the clients, and how this study has given inspiration to their highly original work.



“SUTD’s five-year Master of Architecture programme, which includes the completion of the Bachelor of Science, with a major in the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar, received full accreditation. Evaluated by the Board of Architects’ (BOA) accreditation panel that comprises BOA Board members, practicing architects and academia, the university received positive reviews and support. In general, the panel was very impressed by SUTD’s good urban development research outcomes, differentiated pedagogy with a focus on technology, excellent facilities and equipment to support teaching and learning as well as its committed faculty and staff. The BOA has indicated on their official website that SUTD’s Master of Architecture is an accredited programme since December 2016. In addition, it is now recognised by the BOA as one of the required qualifications for the purpose of professional registration.”

Mr Tan Shao Yen
Board of Architects Singapore


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