Student team: Muhammad Syahid Bin Mustapa, Tan Wan Ting, Ong Ying Ying, Chin Joo Ern, Lai Jun Kang, Yap Zi Qi, Daniel Yong Kai Jie, Kerine Kua, Patrick Khoo
Advisors: J. Alstan Jakubiec, Priji Balakrishnan


#showerthoughts invites you to step through the shower curtains and into a boundless darkness scattered with infinite illuminated bubbles. As a modern-day translation of the classic eureka moment, #showerthoughts evokes the unexpected inspirational moments we often experience when showering. The sensory experience of the space invites visitors to relax as if in a shower and explore the boundless creativity of their inner thoughts and ideas.

#showerthoughts is one of three open call competition winners to be exhibited at the 2016 Night Festival.


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